Professional Tree Surgeons is a complete tree service specializing in all aspects of Arboriculture & tree care. All of our services are customized to meet your specific individual needs. Whether it is high quality tree care or many other services that we provide we take pride in exceeding industry norms and customizing results based upon what you want. Our emphasis is upon high quality tree care, as well as beauty and practicality in landscape projects.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pruning

    Structural, formative, aesthetic, hazard prevention

  • Hedging

    Standard hedging, shaping of ornamental trees

  • Removal

    Dead/dying, high risk/hazard, poorly selected species, poor site selection, removal for construction

  • Stump Removal

    Stump grinding, excavation

  • Power Line Clearance

    Western Power certified for pruning vegetation near & around LV & HV power lines

  • Tree Health Care

    Water management, nutrition & fertilization, diagnosis & plant disorder

  • Planting

    Tree/plant selection, installation & establishment

  • Mulching

    Mulching services, recycling of green waste

  • Consulting

    Arboricultural reports, tree assessments, risk management

  • Mulch Sales

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